Centor Architectural Screens

Centor is a multi award-winning designer and manufacturer of hardware systems for Folding Doors, Screens Designed to protect your home from insects in bi-fold-scale openings as wide as 24′, the Centor screen ensures your view is not  obstructed.

When not in use, the screen completely retracts into the door jamb. When  in use, the sheer screen fabric maintains the vista of your folding door opening.

Centor’s award-winning screen systems are the perfect accompaniment to your folding doors, sliding doors or French doors.

Centor systems change lifestyles – since we invented the modern weather-sealed folding door in 1998, we have been helping people bring the outside in, and expand and improve their living spaces. Explore our website to learn why you should choose doors and windows moved by Centor

Centor folding or accordion systems allow you to connect and divide living areas, create vistas, bring in natural light and fresh air, and seamlessly join indoor and outdoor activities. Also known as bi-folds, the doors stack to the sides, and have no posts or fixed door panels to block views or breezes

Exhaustive testing, robust materials and a 10-year warranty ensure reliable operation.

Design Freedom
Centor’s versatile systems give you the freedom to achieve your dream indoor-outdoor space.

Fingertip operation
Open and close with just the touch of a fingertip thanks to precision engineering and a patented adjustment system.

Worry-free weather sealing with Centor’s patented technology.

Centor Arquitectural Screen

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