Patio Screen Enclosure Woodland Hills

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Patio Screen Enclosure Woodland Hills

A couple in Woodland Hills purchased a home and we’re not able to enjoy their patio, because of insects and lizards taking over their patio furniture. They called Complete Screens and asked if we could build a screened patio enclosure surrounding the area, where they enjoy their morning coffee overlooking the valley. We completed the job in three days and they were very happy with the outcome

How to make a screen patio enclosure

Enclosing a porch with screen panels is a simple easy do-it-yourself project.
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Do you love sitting on your patio, but are tired of the bugs? Enclosing your patio with ready-made screening might be just the answer. With a screened patio, you expand the area’s functions to include a place to eat, sleep, and relax without the worry of bugs and insects and reduce the dirt and debris that come with life outdoors.Enclosing your patio with screening also enhances the value of your home and gives you a place to entertain. You’ll be able to enjoy nature without enduring the heat and insects that go along with it.

It can be very simple to create a screened enclosure. There are many kits available for this very purpose. Only a minor amount of construction will be necessary. Perhaps the most involved part will be constructing a door frame.
One note: You may need a building permit to construct your enclosed porch. Check with city hall and make sure you complete the appropriate paperwork and meet permit requirements.
Your first step is to take measurement and make a list of needed supplies and materials. If you don’t have plenty of support beams in place, this will be your first project. Take into consideration the amount of wind and heavy storms your area or region experiences. Redwood timber makes great support beams. Your next step will be to stain or paint your wooden beams. You may also want to paint the underside of the roofing. Next decide if you want the screening to be permanent or removable. There are some neat screens available that attach with velcro for easy removal. There are also options that allow you to roll up your screening when desired.
These instructions assume that you already have a patio floor and roof in place. If you decide on permanent screening, you can buy or make large wooden or aluminum framed screen panels for easy installation. Screening is a simple process but requires a few specialized tools and you may have to practice a bit to get the knack of creating a tight screen. Note that aluminum usually requires professional installation while wood may be the costlier option as far as materials go. You can even buy ready made screen door panels and attach side by side, installing one or two with hinges and handles for an entry way.
You will attach the screen panels to your support beams with wood screws. You can easily complete this project within a day. To further enhance your screened-in porch, you may want to consider painting the ceiling a light blue or gray color and installing one or two paddle fans. Extending electrical wiring onto your porch is also a simple task and one or two electrical outlets might come in handy also.
Another note: Your roofing should extend 15 to 20 inches beyond the screening in order to avoid getting rain on your porch.
If you do not already have a patio structure suitable for building a screened porch, you may want to consider creating a simple screened gazebo in your garden.







Screen Rooms : Backyard Patio Enclosure


Screen Rooms have quickly become “the most popular trend in remodeling” according to Remodeling Magazine. A Screen Room by Coleman Bright Ideas For Your Home is a very economical way to enjoy your backyard all Spring, Summer and Fall. Enclose your existing covered porch with a custom screen wall and door, or …

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Budget Constraints?
Start with a Custom Patio Cover.

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More about Prager Builders Inc

Prager Builders has been building screen enclosures, pool enclosures, patio enclosures, sunrooms and screen rooms for over 18 years. STATE CERTIFIED CBC053007.

Our sales staff is known for their thorough analysis of the existing architecture and their ability to adapt the materials available to best suit the design of the house. We provide a detailed drawing and materials list suitable for submission to the homeowners association.

There are numerous advantages and benefits in adding a screen room, glass room or sun room to your home.

* Orlando Sunrooms (with windows):

– Create a climate controlled air conditioned and heated room for all year use.
– Increase the usable living space of your home.
– Provide valuable and beautiful square footage in which to entertain guests. Increase security and added privacy.
* Orange County Screen Rooms:

– Keep mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, flies and other flying insects out.
– Protect your family from the environment.
– Screen rooms are custom designed to complement your home.
– These enclosures are constructed from an all aluminum frame which will not deteriorate.
– Doors are self latching and closing.
– Screen Rooms are covered by Home Owner’s Insurance.
Once you have made the choice to update the value and tranquility of your home, there are many options.
Beautiful windows can create new experiences in our sunrooms & screen rooms. We work with glass windows, acrylic windows, vinyl windows and even build carports.

There is no way that you can appreciate the beauty of one of our rooms from the pictures but you can try to imagine yourself in one of them! We are the best at what we do!!!! Two thousand customers will attest to our workmanship!

Picture yourself in a brilliantly lit room…illuminated by sunlight and yet comfortable and climate controlled….

This vision becomes reality with Prager Builders!


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