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 Window Screens, Retractable Screens and Screen Doors In Sherman Oaks

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I worked for 18 years installing screen doors, sliding screen doors, swinging screen doors, wooden screen doors, storm doors.  This is specialty, my profession and how I make my money.  I’ve done thousands of jobs and have become an expert in this field.  I want to talk about where I usually install screen doors, why people ask for them, what screen door I recommend and why.

The front door is a problem when it comes to deciding if a family wants to sacrifice it for a screen door.  Usually clients don’t want to loose the look of there pretty and very expensive front door because  a regular swinging screen door is permanent and swings open and does block the look of the front door.  In this scenario I can explain what your options are and that is, the retractable screen door. This will help kill two birds with the same stone.  You get a beautiful screen door that lets the cross breeze in without any unwanted guests, like the fly’s. Curb appeal? You can’t see it, it’s pretty much invisible. This is where it got it’s name “invisible screen”

Another great option is a swinging screen door with no design or push bars. This is a screen door that has nothing in the middle and is very plain and reliable 4500-Vista see: (,) I recommend this when there is a lot of in and out traffic, or in areas where other doors can’t be installed. these keep your homes look and gives you an option, if you don’t like retractable screens or can’t have them installed.  Those are the two options customers usually have in most circumstances for front doors


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Another area that customers need screens for is the sliding screen door, also known as the patio screen door. Here customers have two choices really that will work properly, sliding screens doors and retractable screens doors. They both work great and get the job done. It all comes down to what kind of use, or should I say abuse will this door be getting and how many people will be going thru it and how many times per day. In most cases you cant compare the activity a screen door gets from a single retired person that goes in and out thru the door 3 or 4 times in a day to a family of 6 that go thru the same door 150 times per day. Always get someone that has good experience to recommend what’s best for you and ask questions on what you’re buying.  Remember that going for the cheapest sometimes can be more expensive.  You don’t want to be going to the hardware store every time spring comes around because your screen door didn’t make it


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