Toluca Lake Screen Doors

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Toluca Lake Screen Doors

One of the major concerns customers have with screen doors is the durability and slide of the patio sliding screen door that will be installed on the top channel and botom track added to the existing door casement. All screen doors also known as patio screen doors and sliders must be installed there.

New heavy duty top channels which have a nice decor style to it and are powdered coated are drilled to the top of the door jam casement this makes for a sturdy and durable application. Top channels are made from the finest and durable quality and come in differnt colors.

New heavy duty bottom tracks comes in differnt colors. The track is drilled on top of your exsisting threshold. There are different rails for different drops and contours on your exsisting door casement. This is when the customers ask “Am I going to trip over that”. All you have to do is take a look at the bottom part of your existing door jam and you’ll discover that you have been going over and steeping on very similar countour shapes.

Also serving the following areas: Valley Village, North Hollywood, Studio City

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